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February 1, 2012
Obviously, I am not the world's most prolific blogger.

But it's a NEW YEAR. (Actually, I'm even late in starting my NEW YEAR, apparently. But whatev. Yay for new beginnings!)

I thought about deleting all previous entries and having a fresh start on the blog, but that sort of felt like lying and I don't want to start out lying to everyone! That comes later! Ha!

So. Remember how last fall I was querying? I'm still querying. I stopped for a while.....read about a million (give or take 822,985) successful query letters, and then started back up again toward the end of December. I'm querying in small batches, 5-10 agents at a time....because, wow, querying takes a long time! Doing research on different agents, finding out exactly what they're looking for, scouring agent interviews to find some type of connection.....it takes forever! But I'm convinced it will be worth it in the end.

Maybe someday I'll do a blog entry about querying tips. But I think I'll wait til I'm a successful querier. Querier? Queryer? Odd.

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