January 2, 2014

Thankful Thursday- Craft Time!

Hey guys!

It's Thankful Thursday time!! I was really happy to see that so many people were interesting in joining in with Thankful Thursday posts of their own. Feel free to grab a Thankful Thursday button from the sidebar, if you like, and add the link to your post in the Linky at the bottom of this post! (This is my first time using a Linky of my own. Let's all hope it goes well.)

If you watched my vlog this week, you know my focus for 2014 is finding more balance in my life between being a writer and being, well, everything else. So this week, I'm thankful for having some craft time with my daughters (even though the craft Lauren chose almost killed me).

Lauren watches this YouTube channel called MyFroggyStuff where they make furniture and other random accessories for Barbie (and Barbie-like) dolls. We decided to make a movie theatre for her dolls. (I use the term "we" very, VERY loosely.) See the how-to video here, if you're interested in seeing how much I didn't do.

Here's ours:
I mean, it's cute, and she LOVES it, but oh my gosh. No more movie theaters.

Ella chose something MUCH easier- these super cute paper flowers from the American Girl Paper Posies kit.

I could basically do nothing but make these things all day and be perfectly happy. She had a ball. It was the perfect craft for a just-turned-4-year-old.

So, what are you thankful for today? 

Even if you're not participating, be sure to come back and check out the list of blog posts below as people add more! (And if you do participate, don't feel like you need to do a long blog post like I did. I just wanted to show you pictures of our crafts, but I'm sure that some weeks I'll just have a quick list of what I'm thankful for. No pressure!)

Have a great week!

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