December 29, 2014

#vlogagram Suggested Topics for January!

Like I said in the original #vlogagram post- you're welcome to talk about anything you like in your vlogs. Personally, coming up with something to say every week is sometimes hard for me, so I thought it might be helpful to post a schedule of suggested topics in case you're looking for something to talk about!

I'll try to give a mix of suggestions for writers and non-writers alike--you don't have to be in the book world to take part!

Since January starts on a Thursday, we get an extra week this month! Here are five topics. If you use one, just add the suggested hashtag to your post (and don't forget to include #vlogagram)!


Week One: Introduce yourself #hello

Week Two: Goals for the year, whether you do resolutions or give yourself one word for the year. #resolutions

Week Three: Most anticipated January 2015 book releases #Jan2015books OR

Week Four: What are you writing (or reading) right now? #rightnow OR

Week Five: Invent a character off the top of your head #characters

If you have suggestions for topics for next month, leave them in the comments below!


  1. I am very excited about this. :-)

  2. I'm going to start this next week! great idea. I always wanted to vlog but like you said in our original post a 4-5 minute video can take and hour or two to edit. This is a great idea. As far as suggestions for next month, maybe the week of Valentines do a Book Love Lines, reading off your favorite book line. Or book love, top five favorite books you love. Or Swoon Worthy moments from your favorite romance book. Or a Love List of your favorite things (can be writer related or not) (Apparently I have lots to suggest and I totally don't mean to hijack your comments.)