December 27, 2014

Introducing #vlogagram!

Hey gang!

Vlogging is my favorite way to communicate with you guys. For a while, I kept up a weekly series on my YouTube channel, Scrambled Megs. (I haven't vlogged since July 29, 2014. Oops.) One of my goals for 2015 is to get back into vlogging again, but I needed to find a way to make it simpler and easier to fit into my life. The 4-5 minute vlogs I recorded for Scrambled Megs often took me 1-2 hours to create (sometimes more).

I'm super into Instagram. You can find me there under megan_whitmer, and I post lots and lots of pictures of various aspects of my life (and I have zero shame about selfies). Today, I had an idea: rather than record a 4-5 minute vlog for YouTube, I could do 15 second vlogs on Instagram. I posted this idea to my Instagram account and had a few people say they'd be interested in doing it, too. So I thought I'd post something here to help us get organized.

If you've ever been interested in vlogging but the YouTube thing seems to complicated/time-consuming, Instagram is a great way to try it out. For one, there's no fancy video editing. (If you're into fancy video editing, you can still use iMovie to record a 15 second video and upload that to Instagram--but I'll just be doing the standard IG video). Secondly, it's 15 seconds. That takes no time at all. The fun part will be thinking of ways to make a point in 15 seconds. That kind of thing is just challenging enough to be interesting without being overwhelming, right?

So, wanna join in? Here's how:

1. Pick a topic. I'll post a schedule here with suggested topics for the week. You're welcome to use those if you need an idea of something to say, but you're absolutely welcome to ignore the suggested topic and talk about whatever you want.

You can use this however you like. Bring attention to issues that are important to you. Direct viewers to your blog if you have something longer to say. Make announcements. Give updates. It can be serious. It can be silly. It can be both. It's 15 seconds. Be creative.

2. Record your 15 second video.

3. Post it with whatever caption you like- but you have to include the hashtag (#vlogagram) so other vlogagrammers can find you! (Sidenote: I am like, bizarrely excited that this hashtag isn't already in use. I am such a nerd.)

*Tip: You might want to create a hashtag just for your videos and use that in addition to the #vlogagram one. The #vlogagram hashtag will be an easy way to unify all of our posts and make it easy to find everyone, and adding a second unique hashtag of your own will be an easy way for people to find your specific vlogs without having to sift through the rest. 

*Another Tip: You could also add YA and book-related hashtags (some popular ones are #YA, #booknerds, #bookstagram, #instabooks, #yalit, etc.) But don't spam hashtag feeds! Only use hashtags that are relevant to you and your topic, you know? 

*LAST TIP BECAUSE I LIKE THINGS IN THREES: This is totally a personal preference- but I like to create a comment (aside from the caption of the video) with all the hashtags if there's going to be a long list of hashtags. Sometimes super long captions with two rows of hashtags at the end can be sort of a turn-off for me. But use your own judgement and I promise not to judge your life choices.

That's it! Don't feel like you have to post something every week if you're too busy or just don't feel like it. Jump in when you want, skip weeks when you want, whatever. Super easy. Low stress. Two of my most favorite characteristics.

We'll kick it off in January! Stay tuned for my next blog post to see the suggested topics for January.

(Feel free to spread the word by linking back to this post, or by re-posting the #vlogagram image I posted to my Instagram account and including a link to this post! If you decide to join in, leave a comment below with your instagram name so vlogagrammers can find each other. The more, the merrier!)


  1. This sounds like such a good idea! Count me in!

  2. I literally JUST found a Windows phone instagram app that actually allows me to post videos. Not definite yet, but I might join in! @meganpaasch